Aloka SleepyLights Review

A few weeks ago we were asked to pick one of the fun designs in the Aloka Sleepylights multi-coloured LED light range from Potwells. I knew Oscar would love the Robot design and when Oscar came home from school to find his new light set up in his bedroom he absolutely loved it. There are 26 lovely designs to choose from and six of these designs are now stocked at John Lewis and Mothercare.

John Lewis stock these designs:

Mothercare stock these designs:

So what is so great about these new amazingly fun children’s lights…… Firstly Oscar loves having a remote control and lays in bed constantly changing the colours and leaves it on a different colour each night. You can also leave it to rotate through the 12 different colours and the light gives off a soft and calming glow which is perfect for bedtime. Having the control is great for younger children too who can use the control which is great for practising their fine motor skills and learning all the different colours as well. The lights also have a side-lamp feature which leaves your light on a bright white glow which is also great for when you are reading a bedtime story and need a bit more light.

The light also has a dimmer function which is great and you can choose from four varying levels of brightness, it also has a sleep button which will automatically lower the light to create the ideal calm and dreamy environment to fall to sleep in. I also set the timer to turn the night light off after an hour saving the need to enter the room to switch it off as the evenings are lighter at the moment although Oscar sleeps with the remote under his pillow and turns it back on if he wakes in the night.

Oscar’s favourite light setting is the bright blue but my favourite without a doubt is the beautiful rainbow light show! Archie likes watching the light show too I am going to order the Giraffe light for him as it is perfect to have in a nursery.

The Robot Aloka SleepyLight has an RRP of £39.99 and I think is great value. Not only does it look great in Oscar’s bedroom but buying a SleepyLight will last you for years when using it from newborn.

Disclaimer: We were sent the light for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.

FullSizeRender (14)

I’m A Huggies Little Swimmers Ambassador!

This is a really exciting post for me to write as I have some amazing news….. I am a Huggies Little Swimmers brand ambassador! I first used Little Swimmers when Oscar was six months old, so almost six years ago when we took him on his first holiday to Sardinia and for his weekly swimming lesson.

HLS Blogger Badge 11.05.16

When we had Archie and took him on his first holidays last year I didn’t think twice about using Little Swimmers once again as they are the UK’s number one swimming nappy brand and with their unique technology that stops them leaking or expanding in the water. Happy days! With the imminent launch of the much anticipated ‘Finding Dory’ movie the Little Swimmers have a brand new look. The exclusive new design has been released to celebrate the launch of Disney© Pixar’s new film – Finding Dory. HUGGIES® are encouraging all families this summer to Get Set, Splash – getting out there and having some water filled spontaneous fun!

We are quite lucky that we have an amazing pool near us in the walled garden at The Grove hotel which even on a chillier day we can still go for a swim as the pool is lovely and warm. Both our boys love being in the water and are so confident which is fantastic. I always have a swimming bag in the car as sometimes after school a few of us Mums will decide to treat the kids to a swim and a hot dog for tea.

Huggies kindly sent us the most amazing package so we can have the most fantastic, splashiest, fun filled Summer and I can capture every moment of it!

So here is what I keep in our swimming bag so we are always for a swimming session!

  • Towels for the boys
  • Little Swimmers Nappies
  • Suncream
  • Water bottle
  • Change for the locker
  • Oscars sunglasses (he loves them!)
  • Swimming shorts
  • Sun hats

FullSizeRender (14)

To join in the fun pick up your pack of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® from the baby aisle and visit for more information, top tips and advice. I would love to see your photos or your Summer fun on twitter or Instagram!

FullSizeRender (15)

Disclaimer: This post has been written as part of my brand ambassador role with HUGGIES®, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


Early Learning Centre Seesaw Review

We were asked a few weeks ago to pick something fun for the boys to enjoy over the Summer from the Early Learning Centre website. After looking through the amazing range of outdoor toys I eventually picked a seesaw. The seesaw is bright and colourful and I knew Oscar would love it, so when it arrived I quickly put it together as a surprise for him for when he got home from school.

The seesaw didn’t put long to put together at all even with Archie trying to climb in and out of the box. Luckily it was a sunny day and as soon as Oscar got home from school he couldn’t wait to have a go and ran down the road to get his friend so he could go on it with him. They had great fun and bounced up and down for ages. Oscar loved that the seesaw also span around 360 degrees and laughed his head off as he span around and around.

The seesaw is also really great for your child’d physical development and will get used so much over the Summer as Oscar loves being in the garden whenever he can! The seesaw is suitable for children aged 3 and over and will last for years as Oscar’s friend was 9 and still had loads of fun playing on it.

Excuse Oscar’s choice of odd shoes! He was having to much fun to care!

At only £30 I think it is a real bargain and will Oscar will get hours of play out of it. It would also make a fantastic gift for a birthday or Christmas. The Early Learning website has a fantastic range of toys to make your children’s Summer even more fun and special!

Disclaimer: We were sent the seesaw for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and my own.


Thomas & Friends Start Your Engines DVD #TeamThomas

We are one of the lucky few that are in #TeamThomas and have sent the brand new Thomas & Friends Start Your Engines DVD which has never been seen before on TV and is due to be released on the . The DVD has six jam packed full of fun episodes all with a racing theme which Oscar loved. He loves anything to do with racing so this DVD went down a treat! Oscar also loved the mini games in between the episodes.

 The DVD has 6 new episodes, 4 bonus features and 2 new sing-along-songs which Oscar and Archie loved. Archie especially loved the sing-along-songs and bopped to the music. Oscar was very much team blue rather than team red, this is because he loves Thomas and also because he is a Chelsea fan 🙂 The DVD is great and a fantastic taster of the new Thomas film ‘The Great Race’ which is released at the end of the month. We can’t wait to go and see it!

You can also get involved with your little ones and join in with all the fun with #TeamThomas on the Facebook page and try and win some fantastic prizes!



Baby Blooms Skincare Gifts Review

Baby Blooms is a brand that I have come across before when I had a baby shower thrown for me when I was pregnant with Archie I was given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that was made up of bibs and baby grows and two cupcakes that were baby vests. The gifts are so unique and original and look almost to good to use! They make the most gorgeous gifts; hampers, bouquets, nappy cakes, toys and balloons and so much more. It is literally your one stop shop for new baby and new Mum gifts.

When I was recently contacted by them to review one of their gorgeous skincare sets and it came in the most amazing gift box that has been designed and illustrated by Amanda Bradley. The boxes are great to keep your baby memories inside after you have finished using it. Inside my box was the most gorgeous tissue paper wrapped around a organza gift bag that had potpourri attached which made the box smell amazing and inside the bag was a soothing body lotion, replenishing hand cream, rejuvenating facial moisturiser, lip rescue balm and a baby care cream. They all come in gorgeous pots and bottles which are the perfect size to put into your hospital bag or changing bag. Two products I am so pleased I packed into my hospital bag was lip balm and hand cream and used tons of it! They are defiantly a must if you are packing your hospital bag.

This set would make a fantastic baby shower gift or new Mum gift so amongst everything baby Mum can still look and feel great too. All of the products in the Baby Blooms skincare range are handmade and made from natural ingredients and are produced here in the UK.

The replenishing hand cream smells amazing with a refreshing lemongrass scent and contains jojoba which leaves you hands smelling amazing and super soft and moisturised. The hand cream is really light and doesn’t leave your hands feeling tacky afterwards.

The soothing body lotion leaves your skin feeling really soft. After being pregnant for 9 months I have continued to moisturise my skin since having Archie. When I was pregnant I moisturised morning and evening as my skin felt tight and itchy and I wanted to prevent stretch marks. Afterwards I used lots of different body lotions and the Baby Blooms one is by for the most moisturising and the calendula and primrose leave your body smelling amazing.

In the three pots is the lip rescue, baby care cream and the rejuvenating facial moisturiser. They are all 20ml which like I said before are the perfect size for your hospital, changing or handbag. The lip balm leaves your lips feeling soft and nourished and after having a baby your lips can feel so dry so this lip rescue is exactly what you need. Again with the facial moisturiser it is rich and leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished. The baby care cream is fantastic for healing nappy rash, baby eczema and psoriasis. I have also used it on my hands as I get eczema on them now and again and it has helped soothe and repair my skin too.

Baby Blooms make the most fantastic award winning gifts and you can see their full range HERE. I also love their announcement balloons which inside the balloon is a teddy announcing that you are expecting or for a gender reveal. The gifts are truly amazing and you will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned box of skincare for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and my own. I love them!


Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie Review

When we were given a code to download the soon to be released on DVD and Digital HD Download and Blu-Ray Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, Oscar was really excited. It will be available from Monday the 30th of May. Oscar and Daddy actually watched the film in the cinema last Summer when we were in Toronto, Canada and he absolutely loved it!

The film has all of the famous Peanuts characters in that I for one watched and loved as a child. You have Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the beloved PEANUTS Gang making their feature film debut, like they’ve never been seen before, in state of the art 3D animation. I absolutely love watching old characters that I watched as a child come to life in 3D for Oscar and Archie to enjoy now and afterwards we can talk about what it was like when I watched it when I was their age.

Charlie Brown, the world’s most beloved underdog, embarks upon an epic and heroic quest, while his best pal, the lovable beagle Snoopy, takes to the skies to pursue his arch-nemesis, the Red Baron. It teaches children that even if you are the underdog you can still achieve whatever you want. This is a great message to young children. Oscar often says to me that he can’t do something, or he isn’t good enough at a certain game or sport and I always tell him he can do whatever he wants to do if puts his mind to it and it really comes across in the film.

The film itself is refreshing to watch and perfect for cuddles on sofa on movie night on the tv or iPad and Oscar has also downloaded it on to my iPhone and has watched it quite a few times since we downloaded it over the weekend. It really is a lovely film and in HD the quality of the picture is amazing. Listening to Oscar giggle throughout is very sweet and it really is a film that you just smile throughout watching. I felt like a kid again and love anything that takes me back to my childhood.


You can watch the film trailer below and get a snippet of how fantastic the film really is!

The Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is available in all good DVD stores and online from Monday 30th May on digital download, Blu-ray and DVD priced around £9.99.

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.


Dreaming Of Dubai………….

Dubai is somewhere that I have always wanted to go to. A few of my friends live there and I always see their amazing photos on my Facebook and Instagram feed and as I sit here writing this post and its pouring with rain outside in May I am extremely jealous! Blazing hot, super glamorous and loads to explore and do, what more could you want?

The internet is full of amazing things to do when holidaying in Dubai and when I saw on Twitter that Tots 100 had an amazing competition for bloggers to win a holiday to Dubai with Dubai Tourism I had to enter! Dubai is the perfect location for a family holiday with amazing hotels and beaches and loads to see and do. I have looked at lots of the fantastic things you can do in Dubai for here are my top 5 if we were lucky enough to ever go!

  1. I would soak up some rays on the gorgeous beaches and swim in the crystal clear sea. Oscar loves playing on the beach and building sand castles and I have always preferred swimming in the sea to a swimming pool. Photos on Instagram of the beaches in Dubai look amazing and hot hot hot!

2. Something I have always wanted to do is swim with Dolphins, wherever we have been on holiday in Europe before we have been to watch Dolphin shows but have never been able to swim with them. Oscar always asks to see if he can swim with them so I know it would be an amazing surprise for him if he could swim with them.  Dolphin Bay In-Water Experiences & Aquaventure Waterpark is based at the back of the Atlantis on the Palm which is a hotel I would love to visit in itself. For £159 each you can visit the waterpark and then have a  personal and truly unforgettable shallow-water dolphin interaction. You get your own little show as the Dolphin’s swim and show off some of their favourite skills, then come truly close to them and touch, hug, kiss or even play ball with your new dolphin friend. You get to have an up-close experience which is appropriate for all ages which is great as Archie is only 17 months old but can still join in too instead of either Greg or myself missing out we get to do it as a family. This would be an unforgettable experience and would tick swimming with Dolphin’s off my bucket list.

four people in large pool with dolphin in Dubai

3. Obviously outside the hustle and bustle of the city you are in the middle of the desert. You can go on a excursion and one that really caught my eye is where you go for the day and not only get to ride a camel but also get to drive a quad bike and try sandboarding which all sound great fun! For around £75 each I think that’s a bargain for the amount of activities you get to try out. It sounds like a great day out, having tons of fun and we would get to try lots of new things and after all that’s what holidays are all about, making memories and trying something new!

two camels on sand dune in Dubai

4. So the Dubai Mall is the World’s largest shopping mall and is probably somewhere Greg will try and keep me away from with its array of gorgeous shops and boutiques! Obviously I would love to have a day of shopping here as I have been told that most things are quite a bit cheaper in the shops in Dubai. I will most probably need an extra suitcase to bring my new purchases home! 🙂 The Mall even has its own aquarium which is just mind blowing!

Dubai Mall (6)Dubai Mall (2)

5. Last but no means least, I would love to take Greg and the boys to Ferrari World. It is £ 49 per adult to get in and £40 for a child. Greg loves cars and Oscar has his own electric ferrari at home that Archie now uses. We recently went to something similar for Mercedes in the UK which is much smaller and we had a great time. It is the World’s largest indoor park (and only Ferrari-branded theme park) offering more than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions for visitors of all ages. Being indoors is good and in the midday sun would be a cool break for a few hours inside. For kids they can play in the waterless car wash, pilot remote-control cars, peddle their own Ferraris, and play with a Formula 1 car made entirely from kid-friendly foam and for adults you can go behind the scenes at the Grand Prix. Get up close and personal with the ultimate display of Ferrari cars, take a tour the historic Ferrari factory as you experience what was previously a privilege for only Ferrari owners plus so much more! This would be an amazing day out and one my boys would really enjoy!

So there you have it, my top 5 things I would love to do in Dubai. Obviously there are a few more I could add as there is so much to do there! If you are taking a trip to Dubai check out the Dubai Tourism website for more great ideas on how to make your holiday extra special!

This post is an entry in to the Tots100/Dubai Dreams blogger challenge, and be sure to share your own Dubai Dreams for a chance to win a holiday to Dubai yourself!


Make My Day Bib Review

A few weeks ago we were given the chance to choose one of the fun designed bibs from Make My Day. There are 21 lovely designs to choose from, from ones with a bow tie to pearl necklaces and animal prints. We chose a lovely bright blue bib in got ‘got-my-suit-n-tie design which I love! When Archie’s new bib arrived it comes in a nice gift box, making it a great present for a toddler too as it is packaged really well and is a top quality bib. Archie is a really messy eater and always tries to pull his bib off and throw it and its contents across the kitchen floor. Nine times out of a ten he has been able to get the bibs we used before off by pulling on it as hard as he can but the Make My Day bib has two popper fastenings and he hasn’t managed to get it off even once. Now he doesn’t even bother to try. This has made meal times a lot less messy and I don’t have food thrown all over the floor as much any more.

When I first got Archie’s new bib out of the box I noticed how soft the material is and it has been used 3 times a day for the last three weeks, washed and dried and still looks as good as new. The bib is dishwasher safe so is so easy to keep clean and it is also stain resistant. I love this as pasta usually ruins a bib instantly but there isn’t even a hint of a orange mark on it.

The bibs are made of 100% food-grade BPA free silicone and are so soft and flexible. When we go out I simply roll the bib up and pop it inside my bag and it takes up hardly any room at all. You can also put cutlery inside it and then roll it up so you can keep everything organised and together in your bag. The bib has a large crumb catcher which catches everything and leaves Archie’s trousers crumb free which is great! The bibs are £14.99 and you won’t ever need to buy another as the quality is fantastic and will last until your little one doesn’t need to wear one any more. The only reason I have to buy another bib is to buy more of their lovely designs. Next on my wishlist is ‘lookin dapper’ so Archie can wear it to a wedding we are going to in September and ’round em up’ as it is super cute!

round-em-up     lookin-dapper

As you can see from the photos Archie is very pleased with his new bib and we love it too! 10 out of 10 from us!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Make My Day bib for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own.


Mothercare’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection

Last Thursday Archie and I headed into London to the Wardof Street gallery in Soho to take a sneak peek of Mothercare’s new Autumn/Winter collection for 2016. This included the newest pieces from the ‘Little Bird’ collection by Jules Oliver and the gorgeous ‘Smile’collection by the world famous designer, Julien Macdonald plus much more and the exciting launch of ‘My K’ clothing range for older boys and girls by the lovely Myleene Klass who also has her baby clothing range ‘Baby K’. It was also a really exciting day for me as my lovely friend Rachel came along with us to film a vlog for me.

When we arrived the windows of the gallery and the interior were decorated in a monochome theme to compliment Myleene’s new range. Myleene was actually there in person when we arrived and we grabbed a quick photo with her and I got to chat with her for a couple of minutes about her new collection. Without a doubt Monochrome is on trend at the moment with most if my Instagram feed full of Monochrome interiors and fashion so I absolutely love the new ‘My K’ collection that has completely embraced the trend and the clothing and shoes are amazing. There were actually quite a few pieces that I would love in adult sizes for me, the sparkly black trainers in particular!

We then looked at the ‘Smile’ collection by Julien Macdonald which is available in 0-2 years, there are so many gorgeous pieces for boys and girls and I absolutely love the collection. I have picked out and ordered a few pieces already for Archie. Here is what I have ordered and a couple of my favourites that I haven’t been able to get in his size yet.

The rest of the Autumn Winter collection has gorgeous leggings, dresses and tops for girls with lovely hats and bags to accessorize with and for boys lovely animal printed joggers, lion jumpers and other animal themed pieces that I know Oscar will love as he loves anything to do with animals. The Peter Rabbit collection is also gorgeous and is available in 0-12 months. The range is in soft greys and with gorgeous little prints on them. The whole collection is perfect for newborn gifts.

We had a great afternoon and as you can see there are some amazing pieces for boys and girls in the Mothercare Autumn Winter collection for this year. Take a look below and the vlog Rachel Mannes from Minifilmz  put together for me. She is absolutely amazing and if you need films with content for your blog/website made for you please drop her an email on


HP ENVY 5540 Printer & Instant Ink Review

When we were chosen to review the new HP ENVY 5540 printer and the Instant Ink service I was over the moon and excited to try out the new ‘Instant Ink’ concept as I use our home printer a lot and love the idea of literally never running out of ink. I have been set different tasks by HP to give you a jam packed review with everything you need to know from setting up to print quality which has been great fun. We were sent a lovely new printer, paper and a pre paid card to get out instant ink account set up.

Setting up our new HP ENVY 5540

When the HP ENVY 5540 arrived it was so easy to set up. The quick start guide inside the box gives you the simplest step by step instructions and it literally took less then ten minutes to set up, install on my phone and laptop and set up my Instant Ink account. When setting up my Instant Ink account you can pick from three different monthly accounts starting at £1.99 which would give you a total ink saving of a whooping £78. After I set up the printer and was ready to go I was eager to print something to see how great the quality of the printer is. After less than a week after setting up the Instant Ink my first months ink arrived. I love that from now on I will never run out of ink when I really need it and without even thinking about it the ink will be delivered to my door. I absolutely love this as I have lost count of the amount of times I have tried to print something and have run low on ink so it only prints faintly if at all. Now I will never have to worry about running out and I am making a huge saving too each year on ink costs! Happy days! It was quick and easy to connect my laptop and printer using my home wifi and I can also send documents from my phone directly as well. I downloaded the HP app which makes it a lot easier.

Print quality

Since setting the printer up I have printed photos, documents and scanned Greg’s passport and other things and cannot believe the quality of the printing. When scanning the passport it looked as good as the real thing! I have loaded our printer with HP Inkjet plain paper with ColorLok which is thick, amazing quality and everything prints on it so bright and clear and looks like professional printers quality. There are three different print modes; ‘Draft’, ‘Normal’  and ‘Best’. Draft mode is when you’re looking for a faster print mode that uses less ink, I have used this for printing colouring sheets for Oscar or forms for school trip information for instance.  Best is ideal for photos and genuinely looks like you have printed the photos in a shop rather than at home. To be honest there isn’t a huge difference between the modes as they print at such a high quality.

We had some fun experiments to try out and put the ink and printer through its paces. I printed off different documents and pictures and tried to make a smudge but nothing smudged at all. I also used a wet cloth to see if out photo would be ruined after a wet test and again the results were outstanding.

Printer design and our huge cost savings!

The printer itself looks really sleek and modern and high end. It would look great in a home office as well as a in a main room in the house. It fits in well with our life and house decor as its modern and the rounded edges make it look soft and sleek. The printer can be moved around the home easily by simply unplugging the printer and plugging it back in in the room you are using it in. It quickly picks up my laptop and iPhone through the wifi connection and I can also send documents directly from my inbox to my printer too. This was useful on Monday as we went to the family day at Windsor race course we were just about to leave and I had forgotten to print off our tickets so I quickly sent the tickets from my inbox on my phone directly to the printer and by the time I had walked upstairs to the office they were already printed ready for me, which saved so much time then turning on my laptop.

When it comes to ink like I said before I have been caught short many times before with either no print or low ink that barely prints a thing. I never have to worry about that again as the HP ENVY 5540 communicates to my Instant Ink account to ensure a new supply of ink arrives at my door before I run out of your current supply completely. It is so easy to check how much ink you have used/have left to use by checking the screen which gives you colour and black ink amounts and alerts your account when you are running low.

Our ink now costs us £1.99 a month which is a saving of £78 a year, if you print lots of pages you can save a huge amount of £516! The saving is huge. I would spend at least £30 a time when ordering a two pack of colour/black ink cartridges before and as I often print photos I would probably spend £90 a year on ink which is only going up year after year as Oscar now has homework and things he wants to print as well. At the moment HP have £20 off the HP ENVY 5540 wireless printer is only £59.99 so the printer plus the monthly ink amount is still less than what I spent on ink alone last year. I have compared this to another printer brand and a like for like (ish) printer and before you even start the printer is more expensive, the printer holds 5 ink cartridges which works out £65.45 on ink and if you need to buy those 2 or 3 times a year that is nearly £400 for the printer and ink! That gives me a huge saving of around £320.

After using our new printer for over a month now and printing off everything from tickets for family days out, boarding passes for Greg , homework for Oscar and photos for me to frame I am so impressed with the HP ENVY 5540. The quality of everything I have printed has been amazing and I am blown away by how professional photos look and how durable they are when testing the smudge and wet test I couldn’t believe that the photos stayed in tact. Oscar loves printing off the Disney printable which you can do at a touch of the screen. It takes less than 8 seconds to print out a page even with a photo on it, it’s speedy printing at its best.

The ‘Instant Ink’ is fantastic and as a busy family I don’t have to ever worry about running out again. With Oscar at school and we often need to print things off for him there would be nothing worse than running out of ink and him not being able to finish his homework until I had ordered more ink or gone to the shops to get some. Also as we start to use the printer more and more I can adjust out instant ink account accordingly which is great! 

Overall I am completely sold on the ‘Instant Ink’ and would never change back now. It is such a great idea and is one less thing to worry about when running a busy household. The printer is fantastic and great value too. We have really enjoyed this review and I am shocked at how high quality home printing with HP is now. 

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a HP Envy 5540 printer and supplies, plus £50 pre-paid instant Ink card in return for writing this post.