Saturday, 22 November 2014

Recipe: Banoffee Pie

When we have friends over for dinner I often make a Banoffee pie and it always goes down a treat. Today we have had a lazy day at home so Oscar and I decided to make one for Daddy, plus I was craving the amazing salted caramel sauce from Marks and Spencer. 

To make the Banoffee Pie you will need:

2 x Salted caramel sauce from Marks and Spencer

1 x packet of digestive biscuits
175g of butter
1 x dairy milk
1 x 284ml Elmlea double cream
4 x bananas

1. Firstly break up about half a packet of digestive biscuits and put them in a food processor. I have a really great Breville hand blender from Amazon and it was only about £30. It is really good and comes with an electric whisk, food processor, measuring jug and chopper which can be used at two different speeds.

2. Put the butter in a saucepan over heat and let it melt then add to the processor and mix with the biscuit.

3. Put the mixture into a flan dish and leave to set in the fridge for a couple of hours. I line the dish with foil to make it easier to get out when it is set without cracking the biscuit base.

4. Once set take out of the dish and then layer the salted caramel over the biscuit base, I normally use about one and a half jars.

5. Slice the bananas and layer them on to the salted caramel sauce.

6. Whisk your double cream up, make sure it doesn't go to thick and clotted.

7. Cover the bananas with the cream and then grate chocolate over the top for decoration.

8. Place back in the fridge for about 15 minutes then it is ready to eat!


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Review: Our Meal At Tortilla

On Thursday night Greg and I went for dinner at Tortilla in Watford. We didn't pick the best night as Watford was heaving as they had just switched the Christmas lights on, I didn't realise this until the day before.

We parked and walked down to the restaurant and had to queue for a few minutes to choose our food. The staff were really friendly and apologised for the few minute wait as they were rushed off their feet. The menu is great with lots of different combos and extras to choose from.

Tortilla serve real Californian burritos and tacos and really serve you up with a feast. Started by a husband and wife team in 2007 they only use the best and freshest ingredients in their tacos and burritos.

I had a grilled chicken naked burrito with salad and salsa and it was absolutely delicious with a coke and tortilla chips. Greg had a pulled pork burrito crammed full of extras with a water and tortilla chips. The lady that served us was really lovely and really helpful and mixed us the most delicious salsa for our chips specifically asking how hot we would like it. It blew Greg's head off and he ended up with sour cream.

The food was really good and their menu is really reasonably priced. We would defiantly go back to eat at Tortilla. For a full list of their restaurants and for more info check out

Disclaimer: We didn't pay for our meal as we were sent to review the restaurant. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Baby Shower Breakfast

Last week the lovely Mum's from Oscar's school year threw me a baby shower breakfast. I didn't have a baby shower when I was expecting Oscar so was really looking forward to it and didn't really know what to expect!

We went to one of the local pubs near to the school after dropping the kids off and I was greeted with pink and blue balloons and some very yummy cupcakes one of the mum's had made. One of the mum's also had organised some games and there was tape and everyone had to guess how big my bump was and the other game was photos of Greg and I and they cut them up and mixed our faces together. The results were pretty scary haha! 

I had a lovely breakfast and to be honest since then everything has felt a lot for real. I am having a baby in five weeks! I feel so out of
touch with the whole baby thing. With Oscar being nearly five we will have to get used to the sleepless nights again! Greg is defiantly not looking forward to this part of it all. I received some amazing gifts and had lot's of fun. Bring on the baby!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oscar's List To Father Christmas

Last week I picked up the a brilliant Father Christmas letter kit from Card Factory for only 99p! It included thank you notes, stickers, letter template and envelope for Father Christmas, pencil and rubber, door hanger and colouring pencils. Bargain! We started writing it the other day ready to give to Father Christmas when we visit him at Harrods in a couple of weeks time. Visiting him at Harrods has become a Christmas tradition for us as we take Oscar every year.

On Oscar's list this year is:

A Playmobil Zoo. He loves playing with my Playmobil Zoo that I had as a child which is at my parent's house and he loves Playmobil and wants to add the Zoo to his growing collection.

A Galt Marble Run. When Nanny and Grandad Maycock moved house last year Daddy had to clear out his old bedroom which had lot's of great toys from his childhood for Oscar to have. There was also a huge box of marbles so Oscar would love a marble run to use them on.

The Peter Rabbit Tree house. Oscar saw this advertised on the TV a few weeks ago and hasn't stopped going on about it since. He loves the new Peter Rabbit series and at bedtime always reads one of my old Beatrix Potter collection books. I picked the tree house up on and have hidden it away and Oscar already has the characters.

Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD is one of his favourite items on his list since we watched it on Sky box office last weekend he hasn't stopped asking to watch it again. He will have to wait until Christmas to watch it again as we have ended up paying more than the DVD actually costs on downloading it a few times!

Bruno The Bear. Bruno the bear blinks his eyes and moves his big feet. He likes being hugged and tickled! Feed him his honey on a stick and hear him chew. When he falls asleep you can hear him snore. He has real sounds and movements. We have been searching Ebay for a Dozzzy bear that Daddy had in the 80's but Bruno the Bear seems to be the modern day alternative.

A Toothless Cuddly Toy. The one below is from the Build a Bear store. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 last week as part of the #Toothlesstweetalong and Oscar loved Toothless. I have had a long search online and this cuddly toy seems to be the best one I think.

I plan to have all this years gifts for Oscar, our family and friends all brought and wrapped by the end of November so if the baby comes early I am completely prepared for Christmas. I have also brought a few bits to wrap up for the baby in case he/she is here for Christmas.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

My Newborn Essentials Part 2

Doona Car Seat/Stroller

The Doona is the next generation car seat combining the highest standard in safety with an integrated mobility system.The next generation in parent and baby mobility, the Doona is the world's first car seat on wheels. Perfect for parents on the move, this clever car seat goes from car to 'on the go' in seconds. With integrated wheels, the car seat transforms into a stroller without the need for a cumbersome frame saving you time and space. It is suitable from birth up until 15 months. This car seat/stroller is perfect for the school run or taking away on holiday with you. There is also an Iso-fix base available plus other accessories.

Belly Bandit

This item is for you, not baby. I used my belly bandit after I had Oscar and you wear it for the first six weeks after the birth of your body to help you to tighten and shrink your tummy plus help you uterus to shrink back. They are quite pricey between £50 and £70 pounds but any friends of mine that have babies I always recommend using the belly bandit and they always say how great it was. I also found it helped with my posture and helped to protect my c-section scar too. Not only does it help to relieve uncomfortable uterine swelling, it reduces bloating caused by water retention and provides support for weary legs and back.  For breastfeeding mums the Belly Bandit will help with posture during feeding and may also ease any shoulder and back pain often associated with breastfeeding. The material is really soft and under clothing nobody would know you are wearing it. 

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer

I love our No Touch + Thermometer! I had the Braun thermometer that you had to put in your babies ear with Oscar when he was born and sometimes it was different getting an accurate reading with a crying wriggling baby, the No Touch+ makes it so much easier as it's not evasive at all. You can even take your child's temperature when they are asleep with out even touching them. This is a new baby must have!

Stokke Trip Trapp Newborn Seat

The Stokke Tripp Trapp has lasted so well with Oscar. It is a high chair that grows with your child, it even comes out at Christmas as an extra seat around the table and an adult can sit on it too. I have brought the newborn seat attachment so the baby can sit in there comfortably when we are at the table eating meals or if I am doing bits in the kitchen. Stokke also have the Stokke Steps which is a bouncer and a high chair. It will be a piece of furniture that will really last for years!

Boppy Feeding Pillow

Breast feeding was really uncomfortable for me after having an emergency c-section with Oscar that a Boppy pillow would of been perfect to protect that area and give extra support. As I am having a c-section again this time a Boppy was on my must have list! It reduces muscle tension, allows baby to be positioned at the right height, reduces abdomen pressure (yay!) and gives safe support for your baby. As well as a feeding pillow you can then use it as a nest for the baby to lay in, a comfortable cushion for baby to lay on their front to encourage movement and then you can position it around baby to aid sitting. Once again this is a great product from Chicco that will grow with your baby!

Cuddledry Baby Apron Bath Towel

The hooded apron towel makes bathtime safe, simple and snug - for you and your baby! Most babies enjoy bath time but for some it can be upsetting making you feel fraught and turning it into a bit of a juggling act! With this original apron towel you stay dry, you can lift your baby from bathwater easily and naturally, he/she stays warm and tenderly wrapped so everyone is happy and calm! We have kindly been sent one of these to review so watch out for that very soon, in the mean time you can see our review of the Snuggle Monkey towel.

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