Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review and Competition: Tommee Tippee #ttbigadventure

When Oscar was younger we always used the Tommee Tippee bottles and drinking cups and have opted to use Tommee Tippee products again with Archie.

When we were at The Baby Show I was shown the new great range of cups that Tommee Tippee have just launched. The new range has lot's of different cups suitable for each developmental stage for babies aged 4 months until 3 years old. So they will last from when your baby first uses a cup until they finish their toddler years. The range is carefully designed to help you baby develop grown up drinking skills without any spills. There are non-spill cups, free flow cups, sippy cups with handles for little ones and beakers for the older toddlers.

There are seven different cups to choose from; a 4 month + weaning sippee cup, 6 month + weaning straw cup, 7 month + training straw and traing sippee cup and 12 months + active sippee, active sports and active straw cup. Your baby’s gums can be very sensitive, especially when teething and the super soft spouts are so gentle on gums, making sure their first sips go smoothly. All of the cups are BPA free and suitable for steam sterilising. So they are all easy to keep clean and the no spills valve makes cleaning up quick and easy for you.

All of the cups can be mixed and matched as the tops, cup bottom and handles can all be switched around which is fun for your little one to build their own cup before going of on an adventure! Tommee Tippee want to see your little ones on their big adventures using the hastag #ttbigadventure.

We have been given one of the 4 month weaning sippee cups reading for next month when Archie will be old enough to use it. I love that the handles will be easy for him to grip as they are suitable for very little hands and the super soft teat will be soft on his sensitive gums. I can't wait to see how he gets on with it. Being non spill they are perfect to take with you out and about without any spillages in your changing bag.

Tommee Tippee have given me three cups to give away to give away to one of my readers. So simply enter below and good luck!

Baby Bjorn Through The Years

One of the things I most love about BabyBjorn is they have hardly changed some of their products like their bouncer and baby carriers over the years as they knew they got it right first time and then just tweaked the designs as time went by. I was given a booklet with the history of BabyBjorn last week and found it really interesting that the same man, Bjorn who started the company in 1961 still has such a huge involvement in it still now!

You can see from the photos here of the bouncers in 1965 how similar they are to today's ones. The simple design and the quality of the bouncers was spot on to start with, so why change it. I really like with today's bouncers the toy bars have only changed slightly and are still wooden retro looking designs. Archie loves playing with it and I was surprised how at only around 7 weeks old how he started reacting to it and hitting it to make them spin. The bouncers have really lasted the test of time and if you are looking to get a bouncer for your baby BabyBjorn is defiantly a brand you can trust.

Another product that Baby1qBjorn are famous for is their baby carrier. Again over the years they have been tweaked to different fabric designs but the safety and the way in which you use and wear them are still the same.There very first carrier in the 70's was named Hjartenara, which means Close To Heart. It was designed after ground-breaking research showed the importance of close physical contact between newborns and their parents. I love carrying Archie in our carrier and he really seems to enjoy it too. We have the Baby Carrier We and you can use it from newborn up until three years old in three different front and back carrying positions. With the new changing bag being released soon that converts into a backpack it is perfect to wear with you carrier when carrying your baby on your front.

BabyBjorn sell everything you need for your baby from their weaning bowls and spoons, high chair and a travel cot. Even their bibs haven't changed since the 80's either!

To read more on the interesting history of BabyBjorn click HERE.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Better Late Than Never: My Birth Story

Better late than never! Archie is twelve weeks old now and I thought I would write up how he came into the World.

Archie was born on the 29th December 2014 at 9.36am weighing 7lb 5oz.

I was booked in for my elective caesarean when I was only 16 weeks pregnant so I had plenty of time to plan. I had an emergency caesarean with Oscar after being in labour for three days and his heart beat was showing he was in distress so when I was offered an elective caesarean this time I knew that was what I wanted.

I did a enhanced recovery course at Hillingdon Hospital a couple of weeks before my booked in date which meant I would only have to stay in hospital one night. The night before my caesarean I ate plenty of carbs as instructed to as it helps you body to heal better and deal with the shock of an operation. I took an anti sickness tablet before bed and then one again in the morning at about 5.30am with a glass of water. Our friend Steve came over to look after Oscar and we arrived at the Hospital at about 7.15am. There was one other lady who was also booked in for that morning.

We went on to the ward and I changed into my gown and Greg changed into his theatre outfit and fetching hair net. I was first on the list and by 8.15am I was walking down to Theatre. It was very strange sitting on the operating table, I remember thinking my baby had no idea he or she was about to come out. I had my drip and epidural done and then the next half hour or so just flew by and our little man was here. The midwife asked if we wanted the screen dropped as Archie was born, I wasn't offered this with Oscar but was pleased we said yes as we got some great photos. You would think they would be gory but I was surprised at how it looked.

Archie was born at 9.36am and then was taken to be weighed and cleaned and Greg went with him, he was then brought to me for a cuddle. He was perfect. Again the time it took them to stitch me up flew past and then we were taken to recovery. This is where I was given the best cup of tea and toast ever. I was starving as I had to fast from the night before. At midday Greg left to go and get Oscar. I was so excited for him to meet his new baby brother. 

When they arrived back Oscar opened his present from Archie which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures which he loved. Oscar was so gentle with him and was so excited. I was taken back up to the ward and Oscar and Greg went home about 5pm. I decided not to have any visitors in the evening as I knew I would be home the next day and Oscar would want to show everyone his baby brother.

I had my catheter taken out at midnight and was up and walking about straight away. I felt surprisingly good, much better than when it was an emergency with Oscar. In the morning they were happy with baby and I (Archie didn't have a name until he was three days old) and we went home at 11am. We then had family come over at meet Archie in the afternoon.

I have had an amazing experience at Hillingdon Hospital and couldn't of paid for better care. The staff there are amazing!

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Review: Hamster Buggy Bags

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If you haven't yet seen Hamster Buggy Bags they are a pack of two bags that attach easily to your pushchair or stroller to give you extra storage. When using a stroller I often find the storage basket isn't big enough and the one on our stroller goes underneath the seat so I have to get everything out of the basket to get out what is right underneath. You simply attach one bag on either side and they will also make your stroller much more stable. I loved this as when I have put bags on my stroller in the past as soon as Oscar had got out of it it tipped straight over. Now Archie will be using the stroller and he is so tiny it could easily tip up with him in it. I don't have to worry about that when using the Hamster Buggy Bags as you can fit as much as you need in them and it still won't tip over.

Both bags have inside and outside pockets so you can keep things like your purse and keys easy to hand on the front outside pockets. The bags also have shoulder straps so you can use them on the go as well. They were recently featured on 'This Morning' with Holly saying ‘This is a great idea because very rarely can you fit everything in the basket underneath!’ Which is so true.

Having two children now when we go out I have my changing bag and Oscar's bits to under the pushchair but when using a stroller the changing bag would tip it over. Now I can transfer the contents of my changing bag into the Hamster bags then when I need to go and change Archie simply detach it and carry it with the shoulder strap. You can leave the clips on your stroller all the time then easily attach your Hamster bags when using them. You can also purchase extra clips so if you have more than one pushchair you use them on it makes it quick and convenient instead of having to change all the clips around.

I filled the bags right up to test it thoroughly to see whether the stroller would tip but it stayed completely stable. It really does what it says on the tin. For a busy parent using a stroller I would say the Hamster Bags are a must have, that will make your life easier when out and about. I absolutely love them and when we go abroad when Archie is six months old I will be taking the stroller and Hamster Buggy Bags as they will fit our towels and everything we need for a day by the pool or at the beach in them.

A set of Hamster Buggy Bags are only £24.99 which you get two bags in and you can choose from black, black and grey or black and red. They are available on the Hamster bags online shop with free delivery, Kiddicare, Mothercare and Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Hamster Buggy Bags for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Our Afternoon Tea With Babybjorn

Yesterday afternoon we went into London to The Covent Garden Hotel to see the new colour ranges from Babybjorn. We had a lovely couple of hours chatting and eating sandwiches and cake and it was lovely to catch up with Michelle from, Kelly from, Jim from, Donna from, Jade from and Emma from 

We were shown the new pastel colours that the bouncer and the carriers come in and they are lovely. My favourite was the pastel blue colour and Archie looked great in the bouncer all in blue. I also really liked the carrier in the pastel green which is a great unisex colour. The colours will be available very soon! The plates, spoons, bibs and cups are also available in the pastel colours. Oscar took a liking to the bibs, wearing it back to front pretending it was a super hero cape. Having two boys it is nice to add some pastel colours in where I can as I am a bit of a girly girl!

Babybjorn are also releasing their new extremely practical changing bag. With magnetic closing pockets for easy opening and closing with one hand, a washable changing mat that again can be opened with one hand, spacious pockets and a large main area in the bag. My favourite feature is with one simple pull, you can change the handles from a tote bag into a rucksack which I thought would be great to use when wearing Archie in his carrier on my front.

We had a great and fun afternoon and I can't wait for the launch of these new exciting products and colours.

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