Monday, 27 April 2015

Review: The Chicco Next2Me Side Sleeping Crib

A few weeks ago when my other half was unwell I got into the habit of co-sleeping with Archie so that after a night feed he didn't wake Greg up when I put him back in his cot. It worked great at the time but since then he wouldn't go back in his cot. Chicco have kindly sent us the Next2Me side sleeping crib to make co-sleeping with Archie easier and safer as he is still in his own crib. I was so relieved when it arrived as every morning I had back ache where I had slept all night with my arm around Archie, sleeping perfectly still as well as being paranoid that he was in our bed with us.

It is designed so that you can sleep next to your baby without sharing the same bed which is recommended by baby experts as obviously it is much safer. When it arrived I put it together in literally two minutes then you can either use it as a four sided crib or use the simple attachment system to fasten it securely to your bed and adjust the height so it is in line with your mattress. There are six height settings to choose from so it will fit any bed, even ones with drawers.

You can use it as a crib when your baby is a bit older and when your baby is younger you simply remove one of the sides to make your baby feel like they are in bed with you. Sleeping with your baby next to you is proven to help strengthen the bond between Mother and baby and help your baby to develop the skills to become more sociable and have more self confidence.

The crib comes with a soft, breathable mattress for your baby's maximum comfort. The net side allows air to circulate when used as a four sided crib. The two features that surprised me the most and are amazing ideas is that you can adjust the height of the crib so it is at a slight incline when your baby has a cold to help them (and you) get a peaceful nights sleep. The other was that it comes with a travel bag and it all fits inside it making it perfect to take with you on your travels.

The crib itself is so spacious, in fact I was surprise at how large it is and how much room Archie has in it. It comes in three different colours; fuchsia, silver and the colour we have, dove grey. The crib looks great to and the neutral colour fits perfectly into our bedroom.

I really love the Next2me and it is perfect for parents that want to sleep with their baby but also having the piece of mind that they are safe sleeping in their own space but still in arms reach. I have really enjoyed sleeping with him so close and it also makes the night feed quicker and easier. I am so pleased we got the chance to review the Next2me and would recommend it to any parent looking for a bedside cot to co-sleep it is fantastic, I cannot fault it one bit. It will last a lot longer than the usual moses basket as it is so big and the mattress is really soft and comfortable. Archie sleeps brilliantly in it! 10 out of 10 from us!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Chicco Next2Me for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own. We really love it!

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Review: The Cuddle Box

A few weeks ago we were kindly sent a Cuddle Box for Archie. The Cuddle Box is a website that specially select premium baby gifts packaged in a top quality gift box. You can choose to make a box for a baby boy, baby girl or unisex.

When our box arrived I was looking forward to seeing what was inside. Obviously we chose a boy box and inside was a blue prince photo frame, a blue teddy bear, blue baby socks, blue baby sock shoes and blue prince blanket. There are twelve different gift box content options to choose from to make the perfect box for you or someone special starting at £25.00. If you want to add something extra special you can contact The Cuddle Box to arrange a bespoke gift box. 

The gift box is top quality and tied with a ribbon and the contents inside were wrapped in tissue paper. I was really impressed with the quality of the contents of our box. The blanket is thick and fleecy, perfect for this weather and we use it every morning to wrap Archie up in his car seat on the school run. The socks and sock boots are adorable and look so cute on as well as keeping Archie's little feet nice and warm.

 I have put a photo of Archie as a newborn in the Prince photo frame and Oscar wanted to keep it in his room so he had a photo of his little brother by his bed. The blue teddy bear is silky soft and small enough for Archie's little hands to grab. It is very cute!

I really love our Cuddle Box and everything in it, I think it is a really great idea. The Cuddle Box would make the perfect new baby, baby shower or christening gift. The delivery of the boxes is only £5 to anywhere in the UK. Take a look at their website and order a special and unique gift for a special baby.

Disclaimer: We were sent this Cuddle Box for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Review: TOMY TFV600 Digital Video Monitor

When we had Oscar video baby monitors weren't on the market so I knew I would love one when we had Archie as everybody who has used one with their babies raved about them. Oscar is five but I still use a basic monitor with him as when we are downstairs we can't hear him if he calls out for us or if there is something wrong. So when we received our TOMY TFV600 digital video monitor I couldn't wait to get it out the box and get it all set up.

It only took five minutes to set up and work out how to use it. The monitor and camera itself looks sleek and modern and when reading through the instructions I was amazed at how many functions the monitor has. The monitor features frequency hopping technology so that it minimises any interference and gives you crystal clear sound. Oscar likes speaking to me through the monitor using the two way talk back feature and the sound is perfect as if he is standing next to you. The two way talk back feature is also great for reassuring your baby that you are still close by. The monitor has a range of up to 250 metres which is perfect all around the house and in the garden too. It also detects sounds and shows them up in lights even if your parent unit has the volume off. So if you accidentally turned the volume off you would still be alerted by the lights.

From your handheld unit you can control the night light in your baby's room and adjust the brightness and you can also choose from a choice of lullabies to switch on to settle your baby back to sleep without having to go into their nursery and disturbing them. The handheld parent unit is rechargeable and charges back up really quickly which is great for the few times I needed it and had forgotten to put it back on charge. There are two alarms that will sound if you have low battery or if you go out of range.

When your baby is a bit older you can adjust the sound activated settings so that the monitor does not pick up every little sound. The parent unit is easy to take around with you as it has a belt clip which I clip onto my trousers and then I can check Archie all the time. Even when Archie stirs in the middle of the night and I am half a sleep I can reach for the parent unit and still use it with the light up function of the key buttons you need to use the monitor. The camera itself also has a light option which makes it into a night light which is useful.

The parent unit also displays the temperature which I love as you don't have to buy an extra room thermometer and you can always check that your baby's room is kept at the right temperature. If you put the unit down and can't remember where it is or if your little one has hidden it, don't panic you can page it and it will bleep and alert you to where it is hiding.

Colour screen

Night Vision

When using the monitor with Archie the picture quality is amazing and I love watching him on the screen, which is a generous size of 2.4". The colour screen makes it easy to see everything and once you turn the light off at night it switches to night vision and you can see clearly in the dark. Compared to the basic monitor I had when Oscar was a baby my new toy is bloomin amazing! The monitor is great and I can't fault it at all. If you are looking to purchase a video monitor this one is absolutely fantastic and priced at only £99.99 its a bargain as it does so much. 

Disclaimer: We were sent this baby monitor for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own. We love it!

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Review: Binky Bear Goes To London

Yesterday we went into London to follow the map inside Oscar's Binky Goes To London book. Binky the Bear is the new UK teddy bear sensation that kids absolutely love and is an adventure experience for children aged 2-7. You can buy Binky as part of a set with three books to choose from or on his own. The three books are set in Central London, Winchester and Rural Hampshire. We were kindly sent the Binky Goes to London set which is £22.00 and headed into London to follow the map in the book and see all the sights.

Binky Bear is the great idea of two mums Liz and Moira who are friends that came up with this adventure experience for children. The great thing about the books is that you can use them over and over again and explore fabulous places. Binky the Bear himself is a lovely what I would call 'old fashioned teddy bear' that is lovely and soft with moveable arms and legs. Oscar takes him to bed with him and held him the whole way into London on his lap.

We got in to London at about 11.00 and we were so lucky as when we were walking towards Buckingham Palace from where we parked on Park Lane the traffic was stopped as the guards past us by on their horses. There were specific sights that we wanted to visit which were on Binky's map: Buckingham Palace, Stable Yard road and St James Palace, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade and St James Park.

As we were walking up to Buckingham Palace the changing of the guards started. We got there right on time without even planning to see it. I had never seen it before and it lasted about half an hour and was a fantastic thing to watch. We then walked up The Mall to St James Palace and Stable Yard Road. Oscar and Binky were lucky enough to get a photo with one of the armed police officers and then Oscar found the spot the Binky is in his book to take a photo. 

Oscar showed the Policewoman his Binky and the book and she said what a fantastic idea it was for children to see all our traditional sights.

We then continued up to Admiral Arch and then to Trafalgar square where we spotted one of the Sean the sheep that are placed around the city. We had a photo with the Lions and by the fountain then went for some lunch on Whitehall. 

We walked down to Horse Guards Parade and then through to St James Park where we saw the Pelicans and had an Ice cream.

We then crossed back across the Blue Bridge in St James Park and walked back to Park Lane where we had parked our car. We had a lovely day and enjoyed following Binky Bear's map. The book and bear is such a fantastic and fun idea and Oscar really got into it, reading the book as we went and got excited as he spotted where Binky in his book would of stood. We were lucky with the weather and if you are taking a trip into London with your children I would recommend getting a Binky Bear and have a fun adventure! 

Disclaimer: We were sent the Binky Bear Goes To London set for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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