Monday, 1 September 2014

Review: The Original Theraline Maternity And Nursing Pillow

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a Theraline maternity and nursing pillow. I am 22 weeks pregnant and much bigger already than I was at this stage in my pregnancy with Oscar and suffering from constant backache. From the first night of sleeping with my Theraline pillow I was so much more comfortable and couldn't believe I didn't use one when I was pregnant with Oscar. Before using the pillow I was so tired during the day as we sleep was so poor at night where as now I sleep solidly through the night and love the pillow as it makes you feel so comfortable. With the micro beads inside the pillow it is easy to change sleeping positions and moulds around your body making it a perfect support for an every changing pregnant body.

You can get the maternity and nursing pillow in loads of different coloured covers and designs which is easy to remove to wash. I chose it in cappuccino colour as we don't know what our baby is and I like neutral colours and goes with our decor. The pillow with cover is £44.95 and you can use it as a feeding pillow once baby arrives. Again with the pillow being filled with micro beads it safely moulds to the shape of your babies body and you can wrap it around you to make feeding your baby much more comfortable. It is also useful to use after a caesarean adding extra protection around your stomach when feeding. Then when baby gets bigger and needs a support to sit up you can mould the cushion around your baby to give them maximum comfort and support. To be able to use this pillow for such a long time and use it for different things as you go from your pregnancy to your baby  feeding to sitting I think this pillow is a real bargain!

It has won a Mother and Baby Gold award this year I can see why! Oscar also loves it and keeps resting his head on it whilst watching TV. I have to steal it back at bedtime!

Theraline sell fantastic products to make pregnancy and nursing more comfortable. I also received their caesarean belt to help after my elective caesarean which helps to protect your scar and you can also insert a cold gel pad to ease pain. One product I will defiantly be purchasing is the Theraline baby pillow. It gives your baby comfort and support during sleep and helps preserve the natural shape of their head. It helps to prevent deformations by the sleeping position just like a cosy feather pillow without the associated risks.

Head to the Theraline shop HERE to see for yourself.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely my own.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Getting Creative With Poundland

Oscar has been on his school Summer holidays since the 2nd of July and as we went away for the first two weeks of it to Turkey I still had a month and a half to fill with activities before he started reception on the 3rd September. Thanks to Poundland who sent us some vouchers to go off and see what we could find to get creative and keep Oscar busy the holidays have flown by without Oscar being bored once.

When we went into the Poundland store in Watford we headed straight to the arts and crafts section where there is a huge selection of paints, coloured card and craft sets. We literally got every colour paint we could see and a selection of paintbrushes, some art scissors, sketch pads, colouring pens, coloured card and headed home to paint a masterpiece. I even headed to the home section and got a large plastic storage box to keep all the paints in. At Daddy's office there is a large printer so we printed off some giant Peppa Pig Characters and went home to paint them.

We got bottles of paint in the usual colours plus sparkly colours too. In the past I have paid over £2 from a craft shop for the same size bottle of paint and the quality is exactly the same. Usually at £2-3 a bottle I only buy a few colours but being £1 each we came home with 13 bottles! Doing arts and crafts with Oscar has been a god send with the weather being so awful outside over the last few weeks and he really enjoys it.

Oscar also noticed a number chart which we thought would be good to help him learn how to count further than 20 and we have been practising every day with his giant poster.

Poundland is full of things to do with your children on a budget from painting to cookery and toys to play with inside and outside. Keep your kids busy and enteratined and head to Poundland and pick up a bargain today!

Our FAGE #YogArtist Challenge

Last week we received a box of goodies from FAGE UK to help us become #YogArtists and create amazing yoghurty creations! Our box contained a range of yummy ingredients to add to our creations, spoon, lunch box, apron, jars to fill up with yummy yoghurt, stickers, stencils and vouchers to go and get all the yoghurt we needed. Oscar was very excited as he loves cooking and being in the kitchen and even before we had brought our yoghurt's he was walking around the house in his apron telling Greg and I that he is a chef. We headed to the supermarket and got two massive TOTAL Greek yoghurt pots and four different flavoured Fruyo yoghurt's.

When we got home I asked Oscar what he wanted to make and he decided he wanted to make a yoghurt self portrait. We had lot's of fun adding almonds and raisins for his eyes, peach slices for his hair, dried apricots for his ears and nose and blueberries for his mouth. He was very proud of his creation. We then used a stencil and sprinkled cinnamon to read #YogArtist and decorated around the edges with cherries, blueberries and raisins. He found this one very tasty mixing the cinnamon with the greek yoghurt. 

We then made yoghurt's for his Nannies layering the Greek yoghurt with nut clusters and blueberries. They looked really good in the jars with the twine and lid covers. As for the Fruyo yoghurt's we have been eating these after dinner and mixing chocolate sprinkles into them. My favourite is the Peach flavour it is so thick and creamy and tastes amazing. The best bit is the yoghurt's are all natural with no added preservatives or colouring.

We have really enjoyed being #YogArtists and have had lots of fun making our yoghurt creations! We will continue to use the FAGE UK products to make yummy things like smoothies, dips, baked potato toppings, ice cream and pasta dishes. You can really use the yoghurt's for so many different things. 

Here is a tasty treat to make with your little ones and for more great ideas check out the hashtag #YogArtist on Twitter @TotalGreek, head to Facebook or take a look on the instagram page @FAGE_UK. 

Apricot and Pistachio Yog-Pops
Ingredients (serves 6)
250g TOTAL Greek yoghurt
250ml double cream
50g Pistachio nuts, chopped
4tbsp apricot jam

1. In a bowl whisk together the Greek yoghurt and cream until thick and              creamy.
2. Fold in the Pistachio nuts and apricot jam and fill your lolly moulds.
3. Place in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Our Bank Holiday Weekend In Norfolk

As a child our holidays were always spent in North Norfolk as my Mum hates flying. We stayed in Brancaster at a lovely cottage that my Mum and Dad still stay in a few times a year now. Mum and Dad have gone to Norfolk for their two week Summer holiday and we decided to go up and join them for the bank holiday weekend. 

On Saturday we meet my Mum, Dad, Auntie Carol and Uncle Geoff who were also staying with them for breakfast at the Deepdale Cafe in Burnham Deepdale which do the most amazing breakfasts then we headed to Brancaster beach. Oscar couldn't believe how big the beach was as the last time we took him to Norfolk he was only one. We played for a few hours then went for a toasted teacake, YUM!

On Sunday we spent the whole day on Old Hunstanton beach and met up with my cousin Nick, his wife Claire and baby Henry. The weather was much better and we played cricket and built sandcastles. Oscar loved it. Unfortunately the weather on Monday was awful and after breakfast at the Deepdale cafe again we went into Wells to get some fresh crab for Nanny and Grandad Maycock then made our way home.

You can't beat a British beach and Oscar loved being able to run around and build sandcastles. He was sad to leave and can't wait to go back next year!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review: Yollies Yoghurt Lolly

This week we have been trying out the new 'Yollies' from the Kerry's dairy range, the makers of the famous cheese string. Yollies are a new yoghurt lolly and is a fun way to ensure your children get the right amount of daily calcium and vitamin D in one yummy snack. The Yollies are made using extra-thick, deliciously fruity yoghurt.

They come in packs of four and in three different flavours; strawberry, raspberry and apricot and each lolly has a fun design on it and the hardest decision of dinner time for your little one is choosing which one they want first! They are really yummy (yes, I had one too) and Oscar loved them. Apricot was defiantly our favourite. Once you have eaten the Yollie the stick inside has different letters on so you can collect enough to spell your name. They are perfect to put in lunch boxes and take on a picnic. We took some out with us on a picnic and thanks to the stay fresh pods they kept their shape perfectly until lunch time and had fun looking for bugs with our Yollies adventure kit.


I found the Yollies really convienet and a no mess version to taking normal pots of yoghurt out with us. Your little ones can also join the Brave Bones club HERE where you can log in, play games and start collecting badges. You can get your own Yollies to try in Asda at an RRP of £2.


Yollies is encouraging children and their families to adopt a sense of adventure and fun and the brave bones club has been set up around the ethos that the more adventurously kids play, the stronger and the more confident they will grow up. Check out the amazing commercial and you will see exactly what they mean!

Disclaimer: We were sent our adventure kit and vouchers to purchase the Yollies for the purpose of the review. All opinions are completely honest and my own.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

21 Weeks Pregnant

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and can't believe how much bigger I am than I was when I was at this stage in my pregnancy with Oscar. My midwife reassured me it was fine especially as I have been pregnant 4 times in the last two years my body has never had the chance to recover properly between losing the babies and me falling pregnant as soon as possible again afterwards. I feel so reassured now that I can feel the baby move and can't believe how quick my pregnancy is going! We found out I was pregnant at 3 and a half weeks so we have known for ages but didn't share the news with our family and friends until we had had our 20 week scan. God knows how I managed to hide it!

Oscar is being really helpful and keeps kissing and cuddling my little bump and is so excited to be a big brother. He keeps telling me how he is going to be the best big brother in the world! We have been reading 'There's a house inside my Mummy' at bedtime and its a really great book to read and prepare your little ones. We have asked Oscar what names he likes for the baby and he likes Monty and Robbie for a boy and Daisy for a girl. I am finding it really hard to think of a name that I really like, we have plenty of time to decide though.

Oscar starts in reception on the 3rd of September and I am being really organised and have written a list of all the bits I need to get done before Christmas and the baby comes. I want to have all my presents and be ready for Christmas by the middle of November in case the baby comes early like Oscar did. In fact I have already started buying bits for Oscar and have them hidden away. I know it will come around so fast! I can't believe September is already upon us, this is the month I always book our Harrod's Christmas Grotto slot and my Waitrose Christmas eve turkey delivery slot! 

For now I am making the most of the last week and a bit with Oscar before he starts school full time.... I'm dreading it! :(

Friday, 22 August 2014

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf, Hertfordshire

On Wednesday we went to Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf with Becca and Chay. It is somewhere we hadn't visited before and with two Dinosaur crazy little boys we knew they would love it! It was only £3.25 each which is a great price and it took us about an hour to go around the 18 holes. We were given score cards and a putter and headed off on our dinosaur safari.

Around the course there are large dinosaur statues, some of which move and make noises. The boys absolutely loved it and had great fun! There is also a cafe there and a dinosaur gift shop. After an hour of fun we sat down and had an ice cream and they both couldn't stop talking about the dinosaurs they had seen and what ones were their favourites. It was a fun, cheap afternoon out!

The Dinosaur Safari adventure golf prices are:
  • Mini Explorers (under 4's), £3.25
  • Junior Explorers (under 12's), £6.25
  • Explorers (age 12 & over), £8.75
  • Explorer Group (family of 4, max of 2 adults), £26.00
Here is the address:

Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf 
A1 Golf Driving Range 
Rowley Lane 
EN5 3HW 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review: Trunki Shark Paddle Pak

You can see from previous posts on my blog we love a Trunki product so when we were asked to choose a Trunki PaddlePak design and then review the bag, Oscar was very excited! There are currently thirteen designs to choose from and a PaddlePak crab purse. Oscar choose the Paddle Pak shark and ever since it has arrived has taken it out and about with us and keeps pretending he is a shark himself! Inside our PaddlePak was some Ella's Kitchen goodies. To be honest I haven't brought any bits from Ella's Kitchen for a long time as always thought they were for younger children but Oscar absolutely loved them, especially the raspberry and banana nibbles and have had to add them to our weekly grocery shop. 


The Trunki PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack that you can close tightly at the top to prevent water leaking in or out. Making it the perfect bag for swimming lessons or on holiday by the pool to keep bits secure. We took it with us to Cliveden House last week and it poured down but Oscar's bits inside his bag stayed perfectly dry. The age range is 2+ but you can make the straps smaller or bigger which make the bag easily fit any age comfortably. One thing you can always be reassured by when buying a Trunki product is that you are always getting a high quality, durable product perfect for your little people! The PaddlePak's are only £24.99 with free delivery and will really last a long time. These bags would also be perfect for a school bag as they are light weight and durable and keep you children's bits dry and secure. It also has on one of the straps the unique Trunki trip which Oscar put his comforter through to keep it safe. We are going to Norfolk at the weekend and Oscar's shark PaddlePak will be perfect for the beach! We really love this bag and it defiantly gets 10 out of 10 from us!

Oscar has swimming lessons twice a week and his bag is perfect to carry his trunks and towel in. One extra thing I love about it is even when we get home and I empty his wet trunks and towel out the material dries really quickly which means no damp smelly swimming bags! This really is the perfect all round children's backpack at a great price!


Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are completely my own.