Friday, 29 May 2015

Morrisons Nutmeg Back To School Range

With the Summer holidays fast upon us most parents have to think about the new school years uniform. Oscar's school uniform list is quite extensive and most of it branded but I like to save money on the things like his trousers and shorts etc. I am a fan of the Nutmeg clothing range as you may have seen before on my blog for the quality and the price of the items so I was intrigued to see what their uniform range would be like when we were invited into London on Wednesday to take a look at it.

I drove into London with Oscar and Archie (kitted out in Nutmeg of course) to The Soho Hotel which is gorgeous and went into one of their lovely suites where Nutmeg had the uniform there to look at, yummy cakes and snacks and colouring on old fashioned school desks for the kids. Oscar had great fun as Carolynn from Mummy Endeavours was there with her children that Oscar had played with last week. They had photos with the props, played giant jenga and ate a lot of cake!

I had a look at the different uniform pieces and the prices were mind blowing as well as coming with a 200 day guarantee so your child's uniform will be perfect on their first day of term and equally as perfect on the last. Nutmeg have everything you will need from plimsoles, packs of pants and vests, socks, gym kits, pull overs, shorts, trousers, skirts, shirts and polo shirts for boys and girls. A two pack of polo shirts starts at only £2, skirts from £3, Pinafore dresses from £4, sweatshirts from £2, trousers from £3, 2 pack of short sleeved shirts from £3, cardigan from £3, plimsolls are £2.50 and packs of vests, pants and socks for £2. You can easily get your child's uniform for under £25 which is an absolute bargain!

As always we had a fab time and Oscar is over the moon with his new pencils, pencil case and amazing animal rubbers and Archie got plenty of cuddles. The Nutmeg range is absolutely fab and you can see which Morrisons stock the range HERE. #BTSwithNutmeg

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

We Are A Ambi Toys Ambassador and Heres Our Lock A Block Review

Ambi Toys Ambassador
You may have noticed a lovely new badge on my blog this week. I am proud to announce that we are an Ambi Toy Ambassador which is exciting as Oscar and Archie will have great fun testing out and reviewing lots of great toys. There is eleven of us so you can see who else is in the gang HERE. I first saw the Ambi toy collection last year at the Toy Fair that we were invited to my Galt Toys themselves. I instantly loved the traditional look the toys had and the lovely colours they came in. It reminded me of the toys I had as a child (my Mum still has them all!) 

Ambi is a new range from Galt Toys that have a large range of toys that can be used from birth onwards. There is everything from rattles, musical toys, cars to activity cases and shape sorting blocks. They literally have every toy you would need for your baby to see them through to Toddlerhood. All of their toys are solid and made from baby-safe plastic so you won't have to worry if you baby is chewing on them or they get dropped on a hard floor from the high chair, they are built to last.

The first toy we chose was the Lock a Block. I showed Oscar all of the toys and he picked this one. The Lock a Block is a solid lockable box that comes with 6 blocks to shape sort through the slots. When you put the key in the lock it makes a ratchet sound. I love everything from the packaging to the toy itself and the basic traditional look it has. Ambi toys are really basic, easy to use toys that your baby or toddler will love and will last the test of time and at only £12.99 I think that is a bargain!

Oscar opened the Lock a Block and was showing Oscar all the shapes and how they went through the slots, it was sweet to watch. Archie has been holding the shapes in his little hands as they are nice and light and chomping on the blue squares as they are easy to hold. The toys would also make great gifts for a babies birthday or newborn gift as some toys are suitable from newborn.

My next review I will be choosing the toy so it is something that Archie will be able to play with properly, the Oscar the Octopus toy looks great! Archie will be having great fun learning with his Lock A Block soon!

We are really excited at becoming a Ambi Toys ambassador and we are looking forward to bringing you lots of great news and reviews from Ambi.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Lock A Block for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review: Vita Coco Kids Drinks

Last month we received a box of the Vita Coco Kids drinks for Oscar to review. He loved the box they came in as it looked like a wooden crate and couldn't wait to try them. The drinks come in two different flavours, apple and blackcurrant and mango and pineapple.

The Vita Coco Kids drinks are naturally flavoured coconut water that kids are going crazy for. Oscar loved both flavours and I am much happier that he will drink these as they have less sugar in then most other children's chilled drinks. They are perfect for a after school snack or in a lunch box. Oscar took his out in the garden with him to play and finished it in no time at all. I will now be buying these on our weekly grocery shop as he loved both flavours and they will be perfect to rehydrate him in the warmer months.

I also tried them and loved the taste and found them really refreshing. You will have no problems trying to get your little ones to drink this Summer if they have a Vita Coco to choose from!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Point + Shoot: Our Bank Holiday Weekend

This is my first ever Point + Shoot post. We had a jam packed fun weekend catching up with family and friends. On Saturday we went to Oscar's godfathers house and Oscar had great fun playing with his children and we had a game of cricket in the garden and went on the quad bike.

On Sunday we went and visited Nanny and Grandad Maycock after playing in the garden all morning. Oscar built Lego that his Nanny had got him out of the newspaper that week an he played with it for ages. We also noticed today that Archie had two front bottom teeth, I was surprised as he is only 20 weeks!

On Monday we went to Chelsea with Nanny and Grandad Chelsea to watch the Chelsea teams champions parade. We saw the team bus go past and Oscar waved his flag and blew his horn and got very excited. My Dad is a HUGE Chelsea fan and has had a season ticker there for over 30 years, so he really enjoyed sharing the day with Oscar and Archie. We went into the megastore and Oscar got a Chelsea t-shirt and Archie got a baby board book. We then went for lunch at Byron burger and I was so impressed on how lovely the staff were and how child friendly it is.

On the way home we stopped off at Halfords at brought Oscar his first ever proper 'big boy' bike. He absolutely loves it and hasn't stopped riding it since. We had a lovely weekend! What did you do?

You Baby Me Mummy

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Summer Crafting With Baker Ross

Recently we received a box of art and craft goodies from Baker Ross which have come in so handy over the last couple of weeks as Oscar was off school for a fortnight due to him having his tonsils out. Oscar loves doing arts and crafts and it kept him entertained whilst he was at home. Baker Ross is a website that sell everything you can imagine to make fun arts and crafts with your children. It is also great to get fun ideas from as they have so much to choose from.

We were sent a few different Summer crafts to try and the first one we did was the ceramic castle coin bank which comes in a box with two inside. Oscar enjoyed painting them and did one for himself and one for his friend Olivia to give to her as a gift when we next see her.

We then made sand card pictures and animal sand art using the fluorescent sand we were sent. In the packs of cards there are 8 to do and 6 animals to fill in the sand art. The sand comes in packs of 6 too. Oscar really enjoyed filling the animals with sand and they now have pride of place on the shelf in his bedroom. We made the sand cards and he has given a couple to his Nanny and Grandads. Oscar found the sand easy to pour as they have two lids, one with sprinkle holes and one open completely. He easily decorated his cards and filled the animals without wasting and spilling the sand everywhere.

We also made some scratch art decorations and scratched off the panels to reveal different colours underneath and then hung them with the yellow ribbon. Oscar really enjoyed doing these and thought they were magic how the colours came up underneath. I did a couple of these too and found them very therapeutic!


The Solar System wooden shapes are great fun and you can colour them, paint them, add glitter and more. I thought it would be a good idea after Oscar had finished them to make a mobile out of them but Oscar has been playing with them and doesn't want to do that yet but I will post a photo once its done.


The last Summer activity in our pack was the plastic suncatcher gnomes stakes to colour in and then put in your garden pots to add some fun decor. We have planted a lot of fruit and veg this year and Oscar is really into helping my do the garden and he loved placing them in all of the different pots. He also made one for his friend Chay as a gift. They are easy to make using glass or permanent marker pens and look great when the sun is out and the colours look like stain glass.

We have really enjoyed doing all of these arts and craft activities. I love how they come with more than one in a packet so they are great to whip out on a play date and the children would be entertained and having fun. I will defiantly be getting a couple of activity packs to keep in Oscar's art and craft box so we have some fun crafts to make whenever he wants.

Baker Ross have a huge range of crafts for boys and girls of all ages which will keep them entertained for hours!

Disclaimer: We were sent the above activities for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are completely honest and my own.

I'm Part Of The Baker Ross Blogger Network

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